Posted on 2015-04-02 00:56:03

The photos on the official website have been changed…so everyone has been buzzing around about it (^m^)

So what’s the conclusion? (? ?)

Today is a big change from yesterday, and it’s really cold ((((・´_`・)))
These kinds of days are best for the tummy warmer (* ̄ー ̄*)

I thought it would be fine to dress lightly come this time, but guess it’s still too early for that de-ariyasu (`・Θ・´)

So, I guess there are people who are already tired of seeing the meet-and-greet session photos!!

The complaints range from the photos being too small so they can’t see themselves, to the fact that all the photos look relatively similar ^^;

So it’s finally time for a selfie… ♪

But I still want to continue with the pilgrimage photos (*・Θ-*)

Ikebukuro on 28 Feb

Roppongi on 28 Feb

Shinjuku on 28 Feb

Oita on 1 Mar

Oita again on 1 Mar

Hakata station on 1 Mar

Everyone~ Did you know?? There’s only 3 more days to Dontaku ☆

Fufu! ♪ Looking forward to it (*^Θ^*)