Posted on 2014-06-14 23:34:35


Tomorrow is Father’s Day!!
And so
“Naitemo iin da yo” Father’s Day ver.
is uploaded onto Asahi Shinbun Digital-san’s YouTube ^ ^ (claps)

This wonderful MV is “Father’s Day-limited”
and can be sent to your dad through a site on Asahi Shinbun Digital-san,
so everyone! Please send it to your dads on Father’s Day~! ∩^ω^∩

Daddy will really cry!

I’ll send it too-!!

“Naitemo iin da yo Father’s Day ver.”

Ah, the World Cup has begun!

Our home is supporting Japan! ☆
Looking forward! (*゚▽゚*)
To the Côte d’Ivoire match tomorrow!

Shiorin image