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Revealing private residence! Former pop princess Hamasaki Ayumi’s worsening condition; resorting to selling privacy
25 August 2013.

In the October issue of “Numero TOKYO”, to be released on the 28th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi reveals her private residence for the first time, as well as an interview on shocking private issues, including the reasons behind her divorce.

“As a 15th debut Anniversary special campaign, the article contains a long interview reminiscing her past 15 years, and photos of the residence and her in lingerie. “No one pillar is compromised upon” in her carefully constructed residence, which resembles a luxury resort mansion (laugh)” (celebrity journalist)

In the interview, she reveals that the main reason she divorced ex-husband Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz in January last year was the nude photobook he released.

“When I read that, my thought was just “Seriously?” (laugh). She was apparently so shocked that she couldn’t eat or sleep for days. With that opportunity, she asserted that their values did not match up. However, she herself had released many semi-nude visuals of her own. Finally, the “publicity marriage” broke down over this trivial issue” (above-mentioned celebrity journalist)

Recently, Hamasaki appeared on the July issue of women’s fashion magazine “Majesty JAPAN” in the nude, with her hand as a makeshift bra. Now, with the revealing of her private residence and body, she has invited boo-ing from netizens.

Many online comments were posted. “Who wants to see her house?”, “Selling your private life? Are you Ishida Junichi?!”, “It’s the end of the road. Her actions are so painful to watch”, “The Hamasaki now seems to feel nothing but vanity. I feel sorry for her”, “It’s just so over for her…”

Faced with drastic decreases in CD sales and concert ticket audiences, is selling her privacy the only way out for Hamasaki?