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Hamasaki Ayumi “resorting to that?”, “hijacks” public blog
28 August 2013. 18:09

Revealing her 2nd “nude hand-bra” photoshoot, her private residence, and a confession of the reason behind her divorce with the Austrian actor. Hamasaki Ayumi (34), who welcomed her 15th debut Anniversary, is making the news much these days. After accusations of her “selling her privacy”, she has now “hijacked” a public blog.

The blog owner is Fukuoji Ayano (31), the owner of “tinkpinkJAPAN”, an apparel shop, and daughter of the CEO of famous jewellry brand “AHKAH”, popular amongst talents like Rinka (40).

“My very favourite obsession, the person I truly respect, Hamasaki Ayumi-san aka ayu-chan, came for my first exhibition,” she reported of the party she held on the 23rd for her brand “Oui, Ayano Ruban”, which Hamasaki gatecrashed with the help of friends.

Then, with the comment “Today’s entry will be full of special photos!!!”, she proceeded to upload more than 30 candid shots of Hamasaki, who was dressed up with red lipstick and a trendy one-piece suit, revealing the tattoo on her right shoulder. There were also photos of her posing with items in hand, and of her sticking her nose into a scented candle to sniff its fragrance. A “bellboy” could also be seen in the photos, carefully holding a Hermes Birkin bag thought to be Hamasaki’s and sticking close to her.

Online comments include: “Hamasaki-san is really going all out”, “Another selling of privacy?”, “She’s really going all out to make the news”, “I sympathize with Utada Hikaru’s life, but not one part of Hamasaki Ayumi’s life deserves any sympathy”.

This seems to be part of the consecutive release of Hamasaki’s great exposure promotion. Just how much publicity will she manage to garner?