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Hamasaki Ayumi… The mindset of women who treats younger men as disposable pets
24 August 2013. 10:25

Hamasaki Ayumi (34)’s former lover, Uchiyama Maroka (29), has made a re-debut as an “artiste”.

As Hamasaki’s former back dancer, their passionate relationship came to light November last year, but broke down at the beginning of this year. Quitting his job as back dancer, his career was rendered moot. For a month in January, he lived a homeless life in the city, a pathetic plight.

“When I met with Uchiyama, who is now a singer and actor, a few days ago, he said that he would rather die than be a back dancer again” (celebrity journalist)

On the other hand, Hamasaki seems to be cozying up to a young Caucasian male again. Last month, a women’s magazine exposed the existence of this new lover during their travels in Bali.

“The Austrian who Hamasaki divorced in January last year was also 1 year her junior. He was another unpopular actor and model. Kanda Uno denounced Hamasaki’s new lover as “no more than a pet”, and while that is not the truth, it is not far from it.” (above-mentioned celebrity journalist)

So is he just a temporary obsession? Satou Rumi, a journalist who knows career women, has a slightly different view.

“Women who bring younger men around like pets are like old men inside. These single career women, though rare, exist, and are like slightly rich old men who bring hostesses around. The men are not temporary obsessions, but are the ones who run from the relationship in the end because they feel suffocated. However, the proud women cannot see that, and pretend that they are the ones who had discarded the men.”

Just like an old man who insists that “I discarded her” when their hostess escapes, then soon starting to chase after the next hostess… If this is Hamasaki, then her plight is also one deserving of sympathy.