Posted on 2015-04-06 01:28:44

AE-limited concert, Hakata Dontaku!

2 days at Yahuoku Dome! It’s overrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Totally in concert-withdrawal now.

Wow~ I remember us performing in a corner of the Dome as a sort of opening act for a baseball match during the MomoPunch era, but I never imagined taking up the entire place for a concert, surrounded by so many people!
Everyone, thank you so much for coming with us all the way here ( ^ω^ )

There were 4 stages this time, so that we could get just a little bit closer to everyone, and we walked around the entire space *\(^o^)/*
I saw everyone’s faces up close!
It was a crazy, sweat-soaked concert!

We also aired the preview for the 90-minute special on the Momoclo Poshlet’s TamaBox!
Then we announced the venue for the extra meet-and-greet sessions, hosted Nangoku no Peanuts-san as guests, and even announced the marriage of kind-san’s Nakajii, our make-up artist!
That was really frightening, and I somehow felt like a parent (lolol)

Then, everyone from 3B Jr. and F-girl’s came and we all went crazy on stage together!
Our really cute comrades!
Thank you!

And there was a super important 3B announcement too, right?
I want to work hard on that!
Let’s “oshi” together with me! (lol)

We also performed our new song. These 2 days were really too fun, and makes me want to work harder!
And Mononofu-san’s power really overwhelmed us!
Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who watched the LV too ( ^ω^ )❤️
We really received so much energy!
Please continue to support us!

Everyone, do rest well!

Goodnight, cat-punch ❤️😁