Posted on 2015-03-30 00:28:32

Great job with the live recording yesterday! It was great spending time together to make a programme ( ^ω^ )
Thank you ♪(´ε` )

We were all together, with the duo Hironaka Ana and Dangan Jacky, Cunning Takeyama-san, and Nagano-san!
And those happy people dashing towards us was really fun too!

It’ll all be aired during tomorrow’s chan~
And then, we got invited to appear on NamaSada this year again too!
Thank you to all who watched it or came down to the venue!
As for the catering, we had Hinode Seimen-san come to make udon for us!

Udonno~ I ate you again! (lol)

And today, I sang together with Kato Izumi-senpai, who decided to appear on Folk Days!
“Thursday” and “Hidamari no uta”!
Then Takagi did “Uma” solo! (lol)

This was the reason why I was the only one in costume during this month’s Gekkan TAKAHASHI’s encore ❤️

I was really nervous since it was my first time singing solo on a music programme, but I think it was a wonderful experience!
Thanks to KikuP who gave me the chance to take up this challenge!! ( ^ω^ )

How did Takagi do?
I’ll work on curing this extreme anxiety so I can enjoy singing next time!

And so, it’s time for Takagi to go to bed!
So see you tomorrow~
Goodnight cicadas!