Posted on 2015-03-23 00:03:36

Today, we went to Onnagawa Town to meet our friends!!

Onnagawa Town changes every time we visit!
This time, the train station is up and running, and seeing the many other changes which had taken place since our last visit really made us feel the power of Onnagawa Town.

The little friends who had grown into adults since we last met, and the friends who are our age!
And of course, the powerful adult friends! (laugh)
I was so glad to meet everyone after so long again ♥

We sang Seishunfuu at the end of the concert, and
Wow! The Onnagawa elementary and middle school kids came on stage to sing it together with us \(^^)/

And everyone at the venue came together for a big singalong session!!!
That was really…
The best!!!

There were many shy kids amongst those who came up on stage, and everyone was really nervous since the rehearsal, and I felt that anxiety when I held their hands (´ω`)
So I returned that tight grip with my own, and I felt real power in that strength! ☆
Thank you for singing together with us!!

Onnagawa Town will continue to rise in spirit, so let’s all stir up the spirit even more ↑↑

Thank you for today!! (*^^*)