AYU’s Message

Bananan bananan chihuahua.
Hasn’t it been so hot lately? The princess feels like melting, but she can’t melt. The biggest happening this month is probably Bancho getting the same haircut as the princess, right? She has great taste. So lovely. Ufu…… Everyone’s making lo~ts of different preparations for summer, right? The princess will be releasing a new song. Eh?!! Is that too fast? Please forgive me. However, I hope to perform this song on music programmes on TV. *Unexpectedly, the previous song had no exposure at all.* I’m a girl with lots of troubles, but in the end, I can only be myself, not anyone else…… Alright, let’s dash out at full speed—. The princess has totally revived!!!! Please support me!!!!!!!!!! Alright~~


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Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


Black: It’s summer~. Gonna release a hot summer song!! (Please support me.)
On Ayu’s arm: Ayu has Supli


Black: This is the Italian restaurant that the princess frequents. Delicious~
Yellow: IL BAMBOLINO in Akasaka1


Black: Inside the restaurant. A collection of wines!! Ahh, getting drunk tonight again
Black tags: [clockwise from top] This is MONMA. / This is the owner. Please support him! / This is MAX Matsuura.


Bottom black: Sparkle!! It’s the ASAYAN dancers.
Top black: Ahahahaha~~ in -> Fukuoka


Bottom black: She’s cut it this short. Hey he——y
Top black: By the way-way, this is a ball of Bancho’s hair. Please support it.


Black: Banpyo2~ Getting her bob cut.
Black tag: It was this long.
Purple: Excited


Bottom black: Sooo, which is the REAL princess—?!!
Top black: The one of the right is the girl who acts as the princess’ stand-in during CM filmings.



1: A commercial district north of Roppongi
2: A play on the word ‘Bancho’