AYU’s Message

And so, it has begun.
Ayu’s pola pola1 Diary.
Well, let’s not take it too seriously, and we’ll do this in a relaxed way, ok?
By the way, as the title suggests, this feature will be about Ayu’s daily life captured on polaroids, with things like “I bought this recently and it’s a big hit!” and “This was delicious!”, and then…
Well, basically I’d like to show off the honest Ayu which is different from the “artiste Hamasaki Ayumi” everyone sees on TV.
To show that I’m not a robot.
To show that I’m a human. Ok?


Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


Top black: I ordered the Ash2 ones in white, blue and silver too!
Yellow: Ash, D&G3
Bottom black: The beautiful shoes I’ve been wearing lots recently.
Red: Think I’m starting to rebel against thick-soled shoes… *sweatdrop*


Top black: By the way, this one matches with one Bancho4 has *heart*
Bottom black: I bought these in CA and LA. Summer is really all about hats!!


Top black: By the way, this is Ayu-chin’s bedroom
Bottom black: Kitty-chans I bought from MacDonald’s!! I’m collecting them. Aren’t they cute?


Red: Dazz~ling dazz~ling Sun~
Black: I’ve been buying lots of Aloha~!!-like items this summer.


Green: I’m driving…!! Going to get a meal.


Blue: I want to put a bento5 and Crea6 into this bag and go to the sea
Black: This is so cute. I give up. From Ayu’s favourite brand D&G *heart*


Top black: They’re falling~
Blue: I love it
Bottom black: These sandals are so cute. And I really like LOVE BOAT7.



1: “Pola” – Photos taken with a Polaroid camera.
2: Footwear brand
3: Dolce & Gabbana
4: A nickname for Ayu’s nailist. “Bancho” is a title juvenile delinquents use to address their leaders.
5: Lunchbox
6: One of Ayu’s dogs
7: Footwear brand