We are glad to invite everyone to join us at “a-nation island”, open from 3~11 August 2013!

“a-nation island” is an entertainment island, where everyone can get to enjoy fashion, food and attractions.
Also, experience the special “a-nation island” at Shibuya in midsummer during September!!


Those with LIVE tickets:
All who have tickets for the concerts to be held at Yoyogi First Gymnasium will be able to enter “a-nation island” area for free on the day of the LIVE itself.

Those without LIVE tickets:
Members of this fanclub, mu-mo or mu-mo shop can download one digital invitation ticket from any of these services (each person can only download one ticket even if you are a member of more than one service). Details are available below.


【Download Period】

19 July (Fri) 10:00 ~ 2 August 2013 (Fri) 16:00

*Each person can download one ticket.
*Each ticket permits entrance into “a-nation island” once.
*The digital ticket comes in the form of a QR code. Present the downloaded QR code at the reception area at “a-nation island” to enter.
*To download the ticket, please register at the social ticketing service “LivePocket” (free registration). Please check if your device is compatible with “LivePocket” at the download site below.
*The digital ticket grants entry into “a-nation island” only, not the LIVE concert at Yoyogi First Gymnasium. A LIVE ticket (priced) is required for the concert.


【Invitation Ticket Download Site “LivePocket”】

※You can access the site before 19 July 2013, but you cannot download the ticket.

*Services and goods available inside the venue may cost money.
*Priority seats for the fashion show is not determined by first-come-first-served basis.

*The customer is responsible for his own transport and accommodation charges.
*The organizers, venue and performers will not be responsible for any damage sustained inside or out of the venue.
*Children above 3 years old need a ticket for entry.
*Resale of tickets for profit is prohibited.
*The event will continue in the event of rain, but will be cancelled in the event of storm.
*Lost tickets cannot be reissued.
*Elements of the event may be changed or cancelled without prior notice.
*Photography or recording of the event via camera, mobile phone or smartphone is prohibited.
*Each event may impose limitations in order to avoid accidents or chaotic situations.
*Entry into the event may be restricted in chaotic situations.


【a-nation island Event Details】