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H-I-R-O-S-H-I-M-A Day 2!!
17 July 2013. 16:12

Firstly, to all the people who took part in Day 2 at Hiroshima! Thank you-!!
Following Day 1, everyone’s power was really awesome ☆
Well, I guess it’s because it’s the semi-finale for the location shows (^▽★)v

And for this Day 2 of the location semi-finale, here is a gourmet report!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (laugh)

I mean… Everyone really enjoyed the super delicious food!! (laugh)

Firstly, Hiroshima okonomiyaki ☆

↑ Performer SUKE-san was the one who added the mayo, though he didn’t do a good job… Seems like he really struggled with it. (laugh)

And the one who enjoyed this delicacy was, yes. This person.

↑ LICO-nyan. (laugh)

It must have been so delicious that her cheeks were all puffed out. (laugh)

Next, we have tsukemen ☆

You want some?

A—-H! (^▽^)

Dancer LICO-nyan ☆ Thank you for cooperating with us!!!

And then and then. Day 2 at Hiroshima was also!

Chorus member Princess Youko-sama’s birthday!!!

Please continue being a cute princess and let us hear your beautiful voice (*´∀`*)

And so.. The 2days are Hiroshima were really, really, so full of power until the end, thank you!!
We’ve received all the power from everyone at Hiroshima! (*^^*)

Next, we’ll be heading to the location finale, the Osaka shows, finally! Finally!!
We’re all ready to go, so all the people taking part at Osaka, be ready too!

Be prepared and wait for us- ♪( ´θ`) Cya ☆

A-CHORUS ★ miccie