ayu_19980408: Daichi is working hard too ☆
daichi1127: You posted my sketch…
ayu_19980408: Your sketching is awesome.

ayu_19980408: Is everyone ok?!!

achiricot: Tokyo Tower is so up-to-date now as well.
kasumi1127: Wooow 
okap816: Oh 
ayu_19980408: RT

ujikenorio: I may sound imprudent, but everyone knows how real the situation from 3.11 is. It’s not the question of whether you wanted it to happen or not.
ryosukeimai: I commented on the same thing too. It’s not imprudent.
ayu_19980408: Yea. I RT-ed Imai-kun’s tweet when he made it then.
ryosukeimai: Thanks. Now is the time to come together with friends who believe in you, and friends who share your viewpoint.
ayu_19980408: I really agree.

risa_19980408: I read TA (/ _ ; ) I feel the same. Surely, everyone in Japan… No, everyone in the world feels so too. We’re just begging……
ayu_19980408: Yes…

AmySAKURAKO: Thoughts. Let your thoughts become consciousness, become words, become actions. For example, remember the times when you forgot to turn off the lights when not in use. Even after 1 month, our feelings don’t stop, and it will become support for those people faraway, who are not giving up. Let us all face forward and go.
ayu_19980408: RT

tsukino_kiya: @yamadamic Have you ever had difficulty in saying something? If you don’t say something the right way, if the listeners cannot catch your meaning and understand, then they will not be happy. I think that’s the situation now.
yamadamic: I am not afraid of anything. As long as 1 person agrees with me, it’s enough.
ayu_19980408: RT

radiogirl_azu: @yamadamic @tsukino_kiya As someone who was hurt by the online misunderstanding yesterday, I just want to say that you’re very headstrong.
yamadamic: What’s important is to be able to continue sending out my message.
ayu_19980408: RT

yamadamic: It’s been shaking since this morning when I came back. And now after the quakes, I say this with an uncomfortable feeling. 1 month after the incident. I will try to keep that in mind when speaking next time. TFM Synapse will start at 13:00, please tune in again today.
ayu_19980408: RT

ayunews: ayu-san! We’re going to renew the logo for ayunews!
ayu_19980408: Not turning away from any reality, always looking forward, that’s what I like about you guys.

fukushima_now: Fukushima Nuclear Plant No.1: After governmental inspection, it has been tagged at a Level 7… For more details – Mainichi News (12 April 1am) http://goo.gl/v75si
ayu_19980408: RT

ryosukeimai: To programmes like NHK’s “Iikagen Hiru”, just cut off people like the government, CEOs, Tokyo Power CEO etc during programme broadcasts and let the people know what’s really happening.
ayu_19980408: RT

DJTaShi: The Fukushima nuclear incident has been rated a Level 7. Even now, there are people who continue to work. It must be hard for them, because they have families to think of, but if things can be resolved quickly, we will all pray for it. I understand the decisions made by the government and Tokyo Power, but what is most important now is to resolve the issue. Nobody wants the situation to get any worse.
ayu_19980408: RT

kamitori: The international inspection has given a “Level 7”. All the experts are saying is that this must not become another Chernobyl, but they are all looking at the wrong things. It’s important to look at things like the concentration of radiation and its spread, but it’s a crime to neglect the supply of aid and food to victims because of that. It’s also a crime to falsely raise the level of stipulated annual amount by 20 times.
ayu_19980408: RT

takapon_jp: Because of the Minamata Disease and Yokkaichi Asthma, Minamata and Yokkaichi cities still hold the image of being dangerous places. Toyama’s “Itai Itai Disease” also gave Toyama Prefecture a bad image. Agano River’s organic mercury poisoning has been termed Niigata’s Minamata Disease, giving Minamata City a double punch. Do we need to attach place names to incidents like these?
ayu_19980408: RT

kome0326: Surprised at this 「Verification after 1 month」 article. A US newspaper is criticizing our government’s delayed response. http://sankei.jp.msn.com/world/news/110412/amr11041213500003-n1.htm
ayu_19980408: RT

Kiyostaygold: @yamadamic When I think about how my listener may think, or whether he understands me, I feel afraid and don’t dare to speak out. But I feel that it’s important to have something to say, something you believe in. As long as I believe and am resolute, I will be able to say it. That’s what I believe now.
ayu_19980408: Me too, all this while, and into the future too.

yacchan0324: What we citizens really want to know now, is the truth.
ayu_19980408: RT

Ayun17Branko: Has ayu-chan ever thought about running away?
ayu_19980408: There is nowhere else where I’d want to spend the rest of my life.

ayukiTA1978106: Why is ayu included in the list of people who had escaped from Japan…
ayu_19980408: Maybe the people who made that list are anxious to leave themselves.

ailove0708: Our lives are so short. I want to live with all my might.
ayu_19980408: It is short. It’s really too short, to meet all the people you want to meet, to do all the things you want to do. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t wish for forever.

htm17: But I really don’t know what to believe in. Everyone is saying something different from many perspectives. That’s why we all don’t know what to believe. Which direction should we face and walk towards? I wish they would tell us clearly.
ayu_19980408: I’m not waiting for guidance. In these confusing times with so much news, I realize that we need to decide which is the truth on our own.

ayumix102: Compared with the time the Earth has been in existence, our lives are nothing but a fleeting moment. But I want to make that moment as bright as a shooting star, so that someone will smile.
ayu_19980408: RT

htm219: Hey, what is forever?
ayu_19980408: If it exists, it’ll probably be something that links up and continues with the past.

ayumikiko: ayu is so cool ( ; ; )
ayu_19980408: No, I am awkward, and I don’t care if I become more cool or more awkward. That is not important. Right? ← Just as how Gaku-chin always ends his sentences.

Massa_japoleiro: International judgement has raised us to “Level 7” in the worst-case scenario. “Fukushima Radiation Levels Not Being Stopped, Rivalling Chernobyl’s Nuclear Incident or even Exceeding that” We don’t want panic, but this is not very optimistic. http://is.gd/pYU1vy
ayu_19980408: RT

numacchi_72: The amount of radiation from Chernobyl was 5.7mil Tera-becquerels. The amount released into the atmosphere by Fukushima is only 360,000 Tera-becquerels. It’s because there is a possibility that, plus the amount released into the sea, we can exceed Chernobyl, so we became a Level 7. (…)
ayu_19980408: Numacchi~! Let’s tour the country this year together again!!

odayoshio: I planned to take this quick, but it ended up being too quick lol
takapon_jp: Too fast! lol
ayu_19980408: Healed now by Yakki’s smile.