Posted on 2014-07-30 23:38:19

Long time no see de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

After Baka Sawagi at Nissan Stadium, we performed live at ZIP,
followed by Koukousei quiz’s Kanto competition,
and a mini-concert ♪
(Ah! We performed MOON PRIDE, which is going on sale today! ☆)

As it was an open-air stadium, it was really hot
But every time I remember Nissan
I tear up a little (*;Θ;*)

Even so, the 2 DAYS at Nissan
were super fun (*’-’*)

Day 1
happened to be the anniversary of me joining Momoclo,
so all the Mononofu nationwide celebrated it with me

On Day 2,
it rained a little, which had me worried,
but it soon stopped, and as a bonus, a huge rainbow appeared across the sky for everyone to see

In the end, we successfully delivered both shows (*・Θ-*)

We’ve never performed on a stage soaked with rain before

And seeing everyone waiting in the rain for the show to begin

And all the staff working to wipe the stage dry

It all pulled at my heart,
and the memories still burn strong even now, for a different reason!!

The rainbow that all the Mononofu were reachin up to with their penlights
was just so very beautiful…
I was so touched that I got goosebumps (* *)

And though we’ve performed Wani to Shampoo many times previously,
the shouts of “yabai!” this time just seemed so appropriate (・Θ・)

Nissan is really much larger
than I had remembered…

But I’ve delivered my power
Ariyasu-style, to everyone————— ☆

Did everyone receive it?! ♪

I’m so happy to pass my power to everyone
like we’re having a game of catch the ball! (*^Θ^*)

I’m sure the people watching the LV received the power
and got a taste of the festive atmosphere too ☆

In all, there were more than 600 dancers,
with shrines, arch bridges, nighttime festivals, vendors, fireworks…
And the downtown Momoclo band ♪

Plus all the special guests
The situation was really at it’s maximum

And it all made the performance the best fun!!

I got to see everyone’s smiles

And the sight of everyone watching the fireworks was so pretty too

I was just so happy (*^Θ^*)

The cheers of Wasshoi wasshoi during Nippon egao hyakkei
was the best too (*’-’*)

It’s amazing that we have so many songs that suit a festival so well
And I’m proud to claim that
we delivered the best and most fun festival experience
that won’t lose out to any other festival in Japan de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

But whenever a huge live concert ends, I really feel so lonely
Even though we’d gotten the chance to do it in the first place

But summer is just beginning!

There’s still FNS, Gaga-san’s opening act,
Ani-summer at GIRLS’ FACTORY,
Mezamashi concert at Sendai,
and Kishidan Banpaku’s Inazuma rock fest

Lots of summer festivals are coming up— ♪

To all the people we didn’t manage to meet at Nissan,
it’ll be great if we can meet somewhere soon! (*^^*)

To all who came to Nissan,
we’ll surely meet again somewhere (*’-’*)

In autumn, there’ll be TV Asahi’s Dream Fest too
And~ the privately sponsored Chibikko festival in Kumamoto ♪
And Onna matsuri at Osaka Jou Hall ♪

And finally, Momokuri at Saitama Super Arena
The concerts ♪ will just keep coming— (*^o^*)

Ahh— I’m sure this year is just going to fly by again…

So I need to treasure every single moment (`・Θ・´)

Oh! And every word everyone writes in to me
Really gives my heart support ☆

Thank you so much (*^^*)

This is the start of my 6th year in Momoclo!!

I’ll never forget my beginnings!!

And so, everyone~
Please continue to support me! (*・Θ-*)

To everyone who bought MOON PRIDE~
Thank you ♪

※Today’s BGM is Mr.Children’s “Yasumi no hi”