Quick Japan Special Issue Momoiro Clover Z - Compass of the dream - 2013-2014 / Ohta Publishing
Quick Japan Special Issue Momoiro Clover Z ~Compass of the dream~ 2013-2014.


CHAPTER 1: To the promised place

Individual documentations of the girls’ stories, from the holy night to Kokuritsu


“I think there is no endpoint in this quest to deliver smiles to everyone.
So, to continue delivering smiles to everyone, we will always work and try out lots of new things.
We are here to take over.
Not just the idol world, or even the world of entertainment.
We want to take over and be the best, in the field of “making everyone smile”.
That’s what I feel.
From now till forever, even if bad things should happen to everyone, just continue to watch us, and I hope you will continue to smile.”

– Momota Kanako

23 December 2013. On the Seibu Dome stage, the girls received a surprise announcement from Matsuzaki Shigeru-san and the audience: “A confirmation of Kokuritsu”. At that moment, every member shed tears, but when they returned backstage, the meaning of their tears soon changed. From that point on, I felt that the last sprint towards Kokuritsu is no longer a team endeavour, but a personal challenge to each member. Here is an individual documentation from the moment they stepped off the Seibu Dome stage; 5 different stories of “tears”. It is impossible to detail everything that happened in those 3 tight months between Seibu Dome and Kokuritsu, as each girl worked through what needed to be done to stand on the National Stadium’s stage. But at last, these 5 streams of tears would merge into a mighty river. Let us begin with Momota Kanako’s “tears of regret”—.


1. The words “National Stadium” and “Kokuritsu” mean the same thing, and would be used interchangeably throughout the translation.