Posted on 2014-07-05 01:37:20






I didn’t go to the USA-! (laugh)

It was a typo…

It’s supposed to be USJ, not USA!!! (;´∀`) Sorry

It’s amazing, how one letter can make such a difference- (laugh)

Sorry for causing so much alarm (´・∀・`)

But why didn’t a single person believe it?! (laugh)

Guess that’s just how things are… right?! (laugh)

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful retorts. (laugh)

Ah, by the way, I saw a wild deer somewhere close to where we did the filming!

And so~ I’ve been watching it
all this while, like Princess Mononoke.
Such an exciting day!

The photos were taken as we were trying out the hair accessories and hairties by kind-san, which will be sold at Teshiro Park!

And Toda-san (kind’s manager) was just so animated as he chatted with us about Teshiro Park, as opposed to how calm he always is when he does our make-up! (laugh)

So! We’re finally ready to start the move towards Nissan-! (laugh)


1. USJ stands for Universal Studios Japan.