Posted on 2014-04-19 14:29:32

Ah~, this week just somehow passed by in a flash…
And it’s the weekend again…

Just a random thought
The moon is so beautiful~ .:*:゜☆

I got to know about lots of great places in Kumamoto and Kagoshima
(We’ll surely hold a concert there again ☆ Wait for us(*`・Θ・´*))

Then, we formed a group “Kimoclo” with Kitagawa Keiko-san
And together with Akumu-chan’s Manatsu-chan
plus 100 more children
We went crazy and danced away at the event
(Ah! Does everyone watch these morning entertainment programmes?!)

And then and then…

Momoclo-chan was-
Wow (laugh)

This week really
flew past so quickly (* *)

Ah! As for the cooking…

I may be bad at it…
But I’m not horrible de-ariyasu!!

I mean, I really like to cook!!

As I said during the previous drama, “Even weaklings can be winners”

Being bad at something and being horrible at something is different ☆

I just need to try to get better ☆

So from now on

I will continue
to challenge myself to do more cooking de-ariyasu! (`・Θ・´)

…And so

The cooking programme on Momoclo-chan next week
Please know that I’ve tried my best
So please support me ^^;

Oops, I’m talking in circles again…

So this week has been really short (+ +)

But, having said that
it means that the AE event is just 1 week away ♪

That’s just so fast (・Θ・)

Ahh- Looking forward to meeting everyone! (*>∀<*) 1 week, please pass quickly~~~ ♪ (Today’s BGM is Mr.Children’s Pocket Castanet ~and~ TRICERA TOPS’s Jewel ♪) ※Ah- That’s right!! I think I mispelt the kanji in Nakajima Miyuki-san’s song “Henro” the previous entry, sorry! ><


Aarin, until you recover fully
your 4 unreliable big sisters
will do our best, so don’t worry!
Praying for your fast recovery-