Posted on 2014-03-31 23:03:14

Long time no write… ☆

Last Saturday,
we performed live at NHK all-night on “Nama Sada Masashi”!

It was a live broadcast all the way from 12 to 5am,
and we got to mix with lots of grand artistes!!

The 4 of us performed “Hashire”, because Aarin’s still a child (*^^*)


To everyone who watched it!
And everyone who came to the studio!
And Sada Masashi-san
Thank you (^^)

It’s 31 March today.
My last day as a high school student (;_;)

It’s a late update, but I’ve graduated from high school!

Ahh- Time flies…
My double life as a student
And a part of Momoclo has become part of my routine.
I had thought about quitting school before, but my friends and teachers
all helped me to pull through.

“High school friends will be friends for life.”

That’s what a teacher told me on my graduation day.
It’s true, I’ve made such precious friends over the past 3 years!

I’ll continue to treasure each meeting in the future.
And treasure each person I meet.

Thank you, high school life!!

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