30 January 2014. 14:35
by ayu.

This song, as everyone probably knows,
is the theme song for “BUDDHA2 -owarinaki tabi-“.

Somehow, the overwhelming wonder of Tezuka Osamu-sensei’s perspective and melody have somehow pulled me in completely, and this song was born as I was lost in that world.

During its creation, my heart would experience pain, then a calm mood would sweep in from somewhere, and I feel like I could forgive everything, and I prayed to be healed.

All these emotions and thoughts were dashing through my mind.

The song was actually completed in autumn last year, and I kept wishing for everyone to be able to hear it as soon as possible.

And then, it’s finally been released, and reading the comments of everyone who has listened to it, I’m so thankful every single day that this song was born.

Everyone, please somehow treasure it, and help it grow.

From under the same sky …