Posted on 2014-01-31 13:07:07

After reading everyone’s comments,
I found that everyone really knew lots of things
So I Googled, looked at things, Googled again
And made some discoveries
I had such a fun time de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

The DVDs are piled like a mountain in front of my TV
It’s so crazy de-ariyasu! (*Θ*)

Ah! I watched 2 dramas on Wednesday too
I really watch too much TV…

Haha!… I’ve really gathered so many things to watch~ ε-(´・`) Phew

Well, what’s more important is
I really have to watch Momoclo’s Nissan DVD before everything else ^^;
(Thanks to everyone who’ve already watched it *^^*)

Ah! And thank you to everyone who watched “Iitomo” too- ♪
Thanks for the flowers- (*^^*)

Speaking of which, in February
Momoiro yoru banashi Second Night has been confirmed
(At EX Theatre on 19, 20 Feb)

We’ll be holding lots of live concerts

so there’s so many chances to meet with everyone before Kokuritsu

I’m really looking forward to it all de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

It’ll be a cold and bitter season
but let’s work hard with smiles and await spring’s coming- (*`・Θ・´*)

One more step to reach that peaceful place!!