mikajohn: As far as it goes, summer ends today.
ayu_19980408: No, mummy-chan, your daughter’s a-nation show begins tomorrow. So postpone it until then? (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Alright, the troupe will come together to end off summer today! Everyone, please support us!!!

ShowAyanocozey: a-nation today. With the best festival weather. Putting up an unbeatable GIG. Everyone who is coming, there’s nothing to do but look forward to it.
ayu_19980408: Super looking forward to Show-kun and gang’s show! ♡ Cya later~!

aruarusan: ayu~! Show-yan just revealed you as a former delinquent on the Internet (lol)
ShowAyanocozey: I-I didn’t!
ayu_19980408: Hehh~ ( ̄▽ ̄)

ayu_19980408: Watched AAA’s opening show-! Everyone got so high- ^ ^v I got high too-! Next, I took a photo with little bro-♡ Photo by Ryan Chan

ayu_19980408: AAA cap and T-shirt I got from little bro ♡ So cute ♡ I’ll go home wearing these today ♪(´ε` ) Photo by Ryan Chan

ShowAyanocozey: a-nation has ended for Hamasaki Ayumi’s bodyguard team, Kishidan. Thank you so much to everyone who got high with us! The last part with ayu-chan really burned up!
ayu_19980408: Kishidan’s show was the best! I love Show-kun’s entertainment style! Good luck for Kishidan Banpaku too ♡

ayu_19980408: 2013 summer is over-! Let’s meet at 2013 autumn’s Dream Festival next!!!

chanyr55: ayu-chan, look at this- ♡ You’re on the news! There are many others too (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
ayu_19980408: Thanks (ღ✪v✪)。o○

Kll_: #ayuday a-nation 2013 celebrity news. There’ll be a compilation of ayu from 5~9am- *(^o^)/* The best summer memories ☆ http://t.co/qtkxD5MUju
ayu_19980408: Memories of NATU (ღ✪v✪)。o○

okmloove: More news ♡
ayu_19980408: Thanks~ (ღ✪v✪)。o○

Kll_: An article with photos from today’s a-nation \(^o^)/ http://t.co/2n9g0aE03j
ayu_19980408: (ღ✪v✪)。o○

ayu_19980408: Oh yeah, when I went for the afterparty yesterday, I went in the AAA goods I was promoting. ZIN-san laughed at me for being a “crazy fan!” (laugh)

kayzu_teamayu: [YouTube] A sound digest of all tracks in live CD “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~”, to be released on 18 September, is UP ♪(^_-)-☆http://t.co/SyKO9K5NHh
ayu_19980408: RT

ayu_19980408: I’m crying! Of course, it’s happy tears!!

ayu_19980408: Olympics!!!

jh8cmx: Full account of Tokyo Olympics. http://t.co/MJbA2hwvxT
ayu_19980408: RT

ayu_19980408: From under the same sky…;)