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Hamasaki Ayumi’s residence revealed for the first time! A photoshoot of her private residence and an interview
22 August 2013. 13:58

Hamasaki Ayumi welcomes her 15th debut Anniversary this year. After so long a reign as a pop princess, she finally lifts the veil surrounding her private life. In the October issue of Numero TOKYO, to be released on 28 August, Hamasaki’s residence is revealed for the first time. A special issue commemorating her Anniversary contains a photoshoot of her private home, proof of her success as a singer who had run non-stop for the past 15 years, as well as an interview.

To Hamasaki Ayumi, her home is not just someplace to return to at the end of the day, but a precious space where she spends “most of her life”. Home has held a special meaning for her ever since her teenage years. In the interview, she states that “discussions with her contractors are as detailed as those she holds with tour stage builders. No one pillar is compromised upon” as she talks about the process of building her home sweet home. She maintains a relaxed stance throughout the interview, while speaking of secrets regarding her debut days, memories throughout the tour and the production behind it. Following her own time, she cleared up details of past episodes of her life which she could only speak about now. It is a fruitful account of her private life over the past 15 years.

“Why did I choose this life? Can I escape from it? What can I do to end it? These are questions which I’ve asked myself.” Hamasaki Ayumi had led an amazing life, in which she had felt the above from time to time. Just what had supported her through these 15 years?

We just have to look at the photos of her private residence, at Hamasaki Ayumi herself, always possessing an innocence unlike others, and at the photo diary she had compiled herself. This is a special campaign composed of honest words and photos, speaking of “the present she took 15 years to arrive at”. It is definitely a must-see.