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Hamasaki Ayumi reveals gorgeous nails for 15th Anniversary tour
19 August 2013. 14:35

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi revealed that she had changed her nails to suit the finale show for her nationwide tour “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~” at the National Yoyogi First Gymnasium, Tokyo.

This time, she had crystals and aurora stones embedded onto a white French manicure. It was a gorgeous design befitting of the 15th Anniversary tour finale.

AIKO from “esNAIL”, who does Hamasaki’s nails, gave the following comment. “She had always requested for a white French manicure for the finale performance of the 15th Anniversary”.

The setlist for this tour was determined through fan requests, following Hamasaki’s wish to “create a show together with the fans who had supported her through the past 15 years”. After voting, 50 out of 241 songs from the past 15 years were selected, and 33 songs were performed throughout the tour.

Ever since her debut, Hamasaki has always aimed to produce all aspects of her work, and the tour is no exception, with the performance, stage set-up, materials for the curtains and stage flooring, and decoration designs all chosen by her. The extravagant show featured 11 costume changes, including a huge dress decorated with bouquets and a red enamel one-piece suit, as well as a performance from a pool suspended in midair, pleased many fans.