As a special campaign to celebrate the 15th Anniversary, ayu will be answering questions posed by TA members?!
We’re accumulating all questions you may have for ayu right now ★

▼Pose your question to ayu here!!

<Open Period>
Until 3 August (Sat) 23:59

※Questions posed may be posted onto TeamAyu MAGAZINE or TeamAyu site.


* Each member can only send in 1 question.
* Please enter your membership number, nickname and question (within 500 characters). Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
* Keep the question within 500 characters. Do not use symbols aside from these “。 、 ! ?”.
* Questions directed towards the band members, dancers or staff will not be entertained.
* You can use a nickname of your own choosing.
* You can edit your question within the open period. Once the deadline has passed, editing or deleting the question will not be possible.