ayu_19980408: Everyone defines the ability or inability to “read the mood” differently, and that’s that. But for me, the saddest thing is the inability for 2 people to “read the mood” the same way.

timwellard: Thanks and respect to @soundtrucker @principalcmjk and @tasuku_tohyama for their amazing compositions and arrangements on Party Queen!
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kero_ayu: You’ve been working super tough on the radio stuff?? From the north to the west, you’re travelling around half of Japan in just 2 days, it must be tiring! ayu is travelling everywhere, and I predict that you’ll come to my place soon (σ・∀・)σ
ayu_19980408: I’ll be coming in my sneakers.

kaochan_611: That’s a crazy schedule, especially on the 27th Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ I’d love to know more about the Kanto shows!
ayu_19980408: There’s various radio programmes and TV show appearances scheduled for Kanto, and the staff has said that they’ll be updating all that shortly~.

kayzu_teamayu: Urgent announcement on TeamAyu official site ☆ Updates on public recording session event!
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AIRG_FM: Urgent notice!! 26/3 17:30~ <<AIR-G Public Recording Session ayumi hamasaki Special Talk>> at Sapporo Factory’s Atrium! Details → http://t.co/xeUOAyj4 #air_g
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ayunews: Urgent notice! 27/3 public recording session in Osaka! http://t.co/ug41rcCB #ayuDay
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ayunews: Urgent notice! 26/3 public recording session in Sapporo! http://t.co/QJlpGMIH #ayuDay
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ayunews: Urgent notice! 26/3 public recording session in Nagoya! http://t.co/to21f7JH #ayuDay
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rice20000: Starting from 26/3 with Sapporo, where she hasn’t visited for 3 years, ayu will be going on a nationwide public recording campaign. To commemorate this, the full PVs from New Album 『Party Queen』 will be uploaded onto YouTube! They’ll be available only from 24~26th, so do check them out!
ayu_19980408: Check it out~ ♡

ayu_19980408: For the next 3 days, the PVs for the touching piece 「how beautiful you are」, and the super new techno songs 「NaNaNa」 and 「Shake it♥」, and the totally impactful 「Return road」 will be up in full on ayu’s YouTube channel for viewing ♪( ´θ`)ノ

TA0413: Here’s the URL for ayu’s YouTube channel ♪(*^-^*) →→ http://t.co/EYnV4Olg
ayu_19980408: Thanks ♪( ´θ`)ノ

rice20000: PVs for Hamasaki Ayumi’s New Album 『Party Queen』 are up in full on YouTube for a limited time! They’re here! →http://t.co/Qcvq8mao
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ayu_19980408: The music videos from my new album Party Queen will be available to watch IN FULL on my YouTube channel March 24th – 26th. Check it out♡