Hamasaki Ayumi’s shotgun marriage! Dated an Austrian actor for 4 months

On New Year’s Day, we received the news that singer Hamasaki Ayumi (32) will soon be marrying Austrian-born actor Manuel Schwarz (30), who starred as her “husband” in Hamasaki’s latest music video trilogy series. In the dawn hours of New Year’s Day, Hamasaki announced her marriage on Twitter with “Happy new year. From this year on, my hubby will become my real-life hubby.” Her management have also confirmed that “Everything is as she announced.” Her future activities have not been confirmed as of now, but she will not be retiring, nor is she pregnant.

They met in August, on the filming set for the MV of 「Virgin Road」, a song included in her new album 『Love songs』 (released 22 Dec last year). In October, they met up again to continue filming for the MV of other songs 「Love song」 and 「Last angel」. During these 2 months, the two spent much time calling and messaging each other, and love grew from this closeness.

Aside from Twitter, Hamasaki also announced the subject of marriage on her fanclub site, in an entry titled “This is sudden, but”. Happily, she announced that [TA entry follows].

As top batter for the all-important 『61st Kouhaku Utagassen』, Hamasaki appeared in a wedding dress, belting out 「Virgin Road」 while emerging from the audience. After that, she moved over to Yoyogi First Gymnasium for her popular annual countdown concert 『ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011 ~do it again~』. She made the announcement on Twitter after the live, and even replied a fan’s enquiry with “Nothing has changed. I’m still me.”

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