Ok ok!  Here are my replies! (o^-’)-☆

Thank you ☆ for coming to the event (*^^*)
I’m so glad (*≧∇≦*) we got to meet ♪
My favourite Disney characters are
Cheshire Cat,
Minnie Mouse-chan,
Chip and Dale,
and Marie-chan! ♪
Is that too many? (; ̄ー ̄A

Yes, of course I go to school everyday~ (o^-’)-☆
I take leave when I need to work, but auditions and stuff are mostly on weekends (^^)
Ah! Because I had to stay over during choo choo train’s PV filming
I missed school for a week (^^;)
By the way, for our creative dance…
We’re using Koda Kumi-san’s “with your smile”~ ♪

My hobbies~ are dance and singing (’’*)
I’m not smart enough for other things… Sorry (^^;)
And listening to music is an essential in my everyday life (o^-’)-☆

I’m so glad we got to meet at the event (*≧∇≦*)
The type of guys I like…
I like older guys~ who are strong-willed…
Who can protect me when I need it ☆
Someone who can understand other’s pain…I guess! (’’*)

If you have been together for a lo~ng time and understand each other completely,
maybe it’s a good time to say “I love you” to them… ☆
But if you’re not yet on that level,
“I love you” may sound like a lie
So maybe “I like you” is a better choice! (*’-’*)

When I first started at the previous blog~
I had to write in a professional way all the time…
But updating lots can be tough…
So I haven’t had the time to reply to comments (T T)
As for replies to fan letters, I’m with a new office and department now
So I need to get permission first…
Once it’s settled, I’ll let everyone know (*^^*)

We finally got to meet again on the 14th ♪
I was so happy (*^^*)
As for the CD… I think it’s still in the office
So I’ll go get it when I next go there~ ☆
Thank you for coming all the way (*T T*)
I’m glad you received the “Seikan hikou”! (≧∇≦)

I’m glad I met you at the event (*^^*)
My school’s excursion trip is in the spring of my 3rd year (*’-’*)

Oh! (* *) That’s a difficult question! (laugh)
My life motto~
“Happiness is always determined by your own heart”… ☆

Thank you for your kind comments (*_ _*)
Thank you for being considerate and not posing questions…
I’m really grateful to you (*T T*)

Let’s take a break from replies for now. Here are some messages from me (*^^*)

Congrats ☆ for passing Level 4 English~ :*:・(≧∇≦)・:*:

You got through auditions, right? (≧∇≦)
Congrats! (*^^*) It makes me happy too! ♪
Please work hard for the next round (o^-’)-☆

Sorry for being a day late
Happy birthday (*^^*)
Knowing that you went all out to show your support during the event…
makes me really happy (*T T*)
Please take care…of your hay fever… ☆

☆Shiori☆san and others…
Seems like lots of people are having hay fever now…
Everyone…please hang on… ☆

More replies~ will come soon~ (^0^)

And then, question time~ ☆
Will be open until midnight tonight (17th) (*^^*)

Those who have questions for me~
Please leave a comment
at the previous blog entry “Question time (o^- ’)-☆”