Posted on 2017-09-28 17:45:30

We got the Best J-Pop Group Video award
from MTV VMAJ 2017!!

Starting with the athletes who participated in this PV, I’m so thankful to everyone who helped out in creating the video. ☺️

Thank you!!
We did it~! \(^^)/

Unfortunately, we messed up the shot of us with the trophy, so 😭🏆

What’s left in my folders
from today is this!

🐼 (laugh)

Then, we performed on MTV Unplugged too.
We did the best we could
on that traditional stage.
Thanks for that.

Oh, I found some photos taken during PV filming!

Athlete Yamabe looks so cool from behind

Me…? ^^; (laugh)

Athlete Yamabe! Thank you for teaching me lots of things 🙇‍♀️

If you can, please watch the BLAST PV✌︎