Posted on 2015-04-03 05:17:56

“Dontaku” is finally almost here!!

Everyone~ must be really interested to know more! ☆

What is the setlist? How will the stage be like? Will I get a good view from my seat? Lots of anticipation and excitement ♪

I understand ☆ When I attend concerts by my favorite artistes, I also think about lots of things (*’-’*)

And I also get worried about the weather too…

Oh! Not for the people watching the LV, though (*^^*)

Somehow, the weather as we moved from the weekend into a new week has been turning bad…

C-could it be?!! Aarin’s pressure?! (* *;)
Just joking (laugh)

But it doesn’t matter, even if it begins to rain

We’ll make the concert the best, together with all the Mononofu (*`・Θ・´*)

That’s Momoclo’s quality~ ♪v(*’-^*)^☆

So, here’s some selfies for today~ (*^Θ^*)

…Not really!! (laugh)

Pilgrimage photos~ ^^;

Hakata on 1 Mar

Ishimaki on 6 Mar

Natori on 6 Mar

Fukushima on 6 Mar

Today’s BGM ♪
Afrojack’s “Ten Feet Tall”. I listen to Western music sometimes too! (*・Θ-*)