Posted on 2015-04-04 00:17:53

After rolling my face, I’ll go have a good night’s sleep de-ariyasu (^Θ^)ZZz…

(Oh, these are yesterday’s photos…but I did the rolling today too (`・Θ・´))

Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow at the venue ♪ and through the LV! (*^Θ^*)

To those who can’t come, please send us your power from faraway too .:*:゜☆

And then, not forgetting again tonight (^m^)
Pilgrimage photos ♪

Ota on 7 Mar

Hanyu on 7 Mar

Kounosu on 7 Mar

Omiya on 7 Mar

13 more shots left!!

I’ll upload all of them, including the extra session on 11 April (*・Θ-*)

Everyone~ please look at them till the end ♪