Posted on 2015-03-31 23:30:58

The weather is becoming warmer, so…!

Momoka’s birthday anniversary goods (*^Θ^*)

There seems to be people who have gotten them already ♪

Thank you all so much for your patienceeeee (*_ _*)

I’m really sorry…I forgot all about it (^m^)

This year, it’s a tummy warmer ☆

It’s too late in the season for it now…

It’s already spring…

A spring roll… Hmm?!
Nope, it’s a tummy warmer (lol)

You can wrap it around your tummy, or use it as a neck warmer, or even as a hat

So use it during your daily lives and sweat lots~ (lol) (^m^)

I’ll be glad if everyone can wrap it around stuff, and use it for different things de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

Actually, I wanted to make a keyholder with a mascot based on me

But since I’m not master artists like everyone…

I ended up with the tummy warmer (* *;)

I can almost hear everyone saying, “oh… why did it turn out like this?” ^^;

But I tried to imagine an item that can fit inside a tummy warmer’s pocket (*’-’*)

So you can put on a tummy warmer and place this inside its pocket before bed ♪

Or hang it from your bag, or place it into your clothes pocket

I’ll be happy if you can imagine using it like in “Minami-kun no koibito” de-ariyasu (*・Θ・*)

Oh! Since I didn’t announce it on the blog, there may be some people who wanted to buy it but didn’t ← I don’t think so ^^;
I’m really sorry ><

And so, today’s photo will be of the tummy warmer… ♪

Well, I wanted to say that, but

In fact, I’ve not received one yet ^^;

So, again with the nationwide pilgrimage photos today~~~ (*・Θ-*)

It’s far from over (laugh)

Kasukabe on 24 Feb ♪

Urawamisono on 24 Feb ♪

Ooi on 24 Feb ♪

Funny face ver. (laugh)

Round 1 at Fujinomiya on 26 Feb ♪

Round 2 ♪


Misa’s note:
1. The title is a play on the words haramaki or tummy warmer (腹巻) and harumaki or spring roll (春巻).