Posted on 2015-03-30 23:20:15

Aarin has written about it too. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom ♪♪♪

Walking outdoors these days really makes the heart thrum unconditionally (*^Θ^*)

Though it’ll all scatter soon…

That’s why it’s so magical that the cherry blossoms which bloom in our hearts are able to bring hope to us (*’-’*)

So! Here’s a photo of the cherry blossoms~ ♪

Well, I wanted to say that, but…

Heheh! ♡
Now’s not the time! ^^;

So let’s continue with the nationwide pilgrimage~~~ (^m^)

Hirosaki on 16 Feb ♪

Shimoda on 16 Feb ♪

Morioka on 17 Feb ♪

Akita on 17 Feb ♪

Sanuki Movie Festival on 20 Feb ♪

Round 1 at Ayagawa on 21 Feb ♪

Round 2 ♪