Posted on 2015-03-28 00:01:33

Listening to music now ❤️
Recently, I’ve been listening to music while commuting to work!
I usually listen on my mobile phone, but I’m on my iPod now!
A pretty purple. (lol)
With purple earphones. (lol)
A purple person who loves purple above all else, aka “purson”. (lol)

Thanks for letting me crack that joke.

Hey, has everyone gone to view the cherry blossoms? Takagi plans to go as soon as she can get some time off! Cherry blossoms at night will be great too! It’s been getting warmer too!

When I was young, I would bring home the beautiful cherry blossom petals which had fallen, and press them between books to make dried flowers~!
Then I would use it together with colored cellophane paper to make stained glass collages, or create dishes with it using play-doh.
I really loved doing that~!
I used to stay up late as a kid, so Mama, Grandma and I would play at night! (lol)
We’d go shopping at night to buy ingredients!
It was just so much fun!
Then every Friday, Grandma and I would watch online programmes until about 5 a.m., after which we’d go for walks (lol)
Then! I’d watch radio aerobics, sleep a little, then go to lo~ts of places with Mama on our bicycles!
In the afternoon, we’d come home for a nap, then I’d spend the day with Grandma while Mama went to work!
During that time, I’d watch anime, or go somewhere with my cousins who come to visit every weekend!

When I entered middle school, I would go on walks with Mama and Papa all night for about 6 hours! We’d go to see night scenery!

Everyday was so different from now, but so fun too~
Aren’t all childhood memories such wonderful things?
Isn’t it great?
If I become a mother one day, I want to treasure that time!