Posted on 2015-03-22 21:21:51

Today, I visited the place where my precious friends are (*^^*)

The best!! The luckiest!! Onnagawa Recovery Festival ☆

The locals had thoroughly prepared a warm welcome .:*:゜☆

Dyed with the colorful Mononofu-san

Overflowing with smiles

And overflowing with delicious things (we had Takamasa-san’s bamboo fish cakes and beef tongue too— ♪)

We wanted to bring lots and lots of power to the people, but they gave us lots of power in return ☆

I came back with so much energy (*’-’*)

Everyone really went crazy during the concert too (the setlist was determined by Kawakami-san and Osaretai— ♪)

To share that precious time with everyone who was there just gave me the best energy!!

And thanks to the elementary school kids who rehearsed Seishunfuu in advance, together with everyone who came for the Recovery Festival, we had a big singalong session together ♪

I was really looking forward to it, because I heard from the Onnagawa FM girls when I came down to Tohoku for the meet-and-greet sesssions, that the children had been practising…

So it was really emotional when it came to fruition (*T T*)

It’s been captured on Ustream as well, and I hope the people who didn’t manage to make it can feel just a little bit of the atmosphere there ☆

It’s been a long time since we met with everyone at Onnagawa, but everyone was really sparkling. Even the little children wouldn’t stop smiling, and got excited together with us. It made me so happy (*>∀<*)

Seeing the reborn Onnagawa town train station

And trains start coming into the station again

4 years after the disaster…

Just thinking of walking along that railroad track step by step, together with the passing of the months and years, just made the tears well up…

To be able to come and meet my friends

While it was fun for us, it must be so for the Mononofu as well

We’ll always be friends forever, always be connected forever. That’s the greatest happiness… ☆

Oh! It’ll be great if we can arrive next time on the steam train ♪

And so, the first concert of Ariyasu’s 20s was held at Onnagawa town!! What a truly happy thing! (*^Θ^*)

I just feel as if I’ve taken a great step out together with everyone de-ariyasu (*’-’*)

To all the Mononofu-san who went crazy together with us, and all the Mononofu-san around the country who watched over us, thank you so much (*^^*)

From now on, let’s continue to share various scenes in our lives, while expanding our chain of smiles— .:*:゜☆

Handmade bracelet from a girl who sang on stage together with us, one for every single member ♡