Posted on 2015-03-17 12:48:08

The cat tower I ordered is here. And my Z-kun is satisfied ❤ ️ What a cute guy.

Ahh, I just feel like hugging him! (laugh)
Nah! I restrained myself!

It’s been a while since I tidied up my room, so I got carried away and couldn’t stop (there was so much to do), and before I knew it, it was 5 a .m…
It was hopeless, and I went to bed in a hurry. (laugh)

Then, starting from yesterday morning, I finished up some business, went for a walk, and had a meaningful night—!
But was appalled when it suddenly started to rain. (laugh)

It’s great to have an off-day once in a while, and to be able to do things which one usually won’t be bothered to do.
And becoming sensitive to words and learning new, wonderful ones.
There’s so much I don’t know yet!

Like, I’ve become interested in the word “timezone”.
For example, when today ends and I go to sleep, a new today is beginning somewhere else in the world.
It’s sort of magical.
I know it’s a totally normal thing, but it’s just magical when you really think about it!

I love feeling like this sometimes.