Posted on 2015-03-16 00:00:52


Today is 15 March,
Momoka’s birthday—!!
Happy birthday! Congrats!
Momoka, who always strives hard with all her might!
Momoka, who always quietly supports Takagi’s weaknesses! I love you!
As your fellow Osaretai partner, I’ll support you with all my might too!
Hope you have a wonderful 20th birthday *\(^o^)/*

And then, the nationwide pilgrimage held its finale after 127 locations!
Lalaport Yokohama! My hometown, yeah!
Kawasaki! Shibuya!
Finally, at Shinjuku Wald 9!

We’ve completed it all successfully!
Travelling around the country, meeting lots of people, speaking to them, getting a taste of each locality.
Receiving lots of energy from everyone, falling even more in love with the Mononofu, it was just so fulfilling!
It’s been really cold outside, but everyone still waited for us. Is everyone feeling alright? We were waiting in the cars, but we were all watching over you!
Don’t force yourselves too much! It’ll be bad if you fall ill!

And then, of course there are lots of Mononofu who couldn’t make it for the meet-and-greet sessions, so we couldn’t meet you.
But there were so many people who left comments on our blogs, telling us what a great movie it is!
It just makes me so happy that our feelings were delivered, and everyone can appreciate us in another way apart from song and dance!

Everyone, thank you so much! While the nationwide pilgrimage has concluded successfully, we will return on 11 April. The movie will also keep showing, so I hope it’ll continue to be delivered to more people!

Ahh— I need to rush to the theater!

And so, see you later!