Posted on 2015-03-15 08:54:10

This meet-and-greet was brought to you by Takagi and Tamai!
For the 1st day in Hokkaido,
we visited Kitami! Then Kushiro!
For lunch at Kitami, we had a vegetable sommelier visit us backstage and prepare Kitami’s delicacies, salted yakisoba and pork bowl, for us. And as we moved to Kushiro, we visited Lake Akan where we played with snow, fished for pond smelt, then cooked fresh pond smelt tempura to eat!
So grateful‼︎‼︎

And then, the meet-and-greet at Kushiro—!
For dinner, we had crab and oyster, and lots of other Hokkaido delicacies!
Then, for Day 2,
we spent 4.5 hours on a train all morning to our first location, Ebetsu!
Then we had soup curry for lunch!
We also went to see the TV tower, then played with snow! It was so much fun—!

Then, we went back to work

And it was soon time for dinner!
Since we ate so much for lunch, we kept saying that we couldn’t eat much. But the complaints stopped once the seafood bowls were placed before us, and we finished it all up \(^o^)/

Wow— Nothing can be happier than this!
Such joy ❤ ️

And then, our final meet-and-greet at Hokkaido was in Sapporo!

I know I’ve said this many times, but I had so much fun!
It was really cold, but the Mononofu were all so nice that my heart felt warm!
I was a lump of happiness!

Everyone, thank you so much!
We’ve not been able to come here much, but we hope to hold lots of concerts here in the future!
Wait for us!