Posted on 2015-03-14 01:03:43

Yesterday, we hosted Gekkan TAKAHASHI
at Zepp Tokyo—!

Thank you ❤
to all the AE members who came

Thanks for holding Aarin’s graduation ceremony
during yesterday’s concert too (*¨*)

She was most touched by everyone singing “Aogeba toutoshi” 😣 ❤

She also heard that those who watched the LV sang along too 😌

Aarin didn’t cry (laugh)
But she was really happy!!

Aarin’s just so awkward. (laugh)

But her heart was really full of joy (`・ω・´)

Everyone’s strong singing voices
gave her a sunny feeling, and she thought “Ahh, with this, my school life really has no regrets!”

Thank you!

Please support
the working adult Sasaki Ayaka!!!

Aarin T-shirt, created by Tare Mayuko-san
Please support \( ˆoˆ )/

Today, for the “Maku ga Agaru” nationwide pilgrimage,
she visited Mishima, then Okazaki, then— Minakuchi!!!

She forgot to take photos at the venues 💦 💦

She was just too engrossed in chatting with everyone (laugh)

Sorry 🙏

As she chatted with everyone,
the nostalgic stories just slowly came out, and she had so much fun (laugh)

How frightful— (・A・)

Tomorrow, she will start off from Kyoto ✊

To everyone coming,
please support her right from morning~ (。-∀-)

Sasaki Ayaka


Misa’s note:
“Aogeba toutoshi” is a song sung at graduation ceremonies in Japan.