Posted on 2015-03-11 01:46:56

Finally, “Seishunfu” will be released tomorrow

Today’s flying get day ☆

Which means that
together with everyone
(Though there must be lots more who haven’t gotten it yet ^^;)

I’ve finally got my copy de-ariyasu (*・Θ-*)

It’s been such a long wait that I just wanted to go to the CD shop and get it myself
So when I begged the staff to let me

I was allowed to visit the L-MYLORD branch of Yamano Music at Shin-yurigaoka— ♪

Then, when I got home from the meet-and-greet sessions
we watched the PV together as a family for the first time de-ariyasu (・Θ・;)

How did they find it? ♪ How did they find it? ♪

So today,
I did meet-and-greet sessions
at Minami-oosawa, Fuchu, and Shin-yurigaoka ☆

↓ In opposition to the other members,
the Ariyasu team went to take purikura shots too (^m^)

↓ Kikuko ♡
Thanks for coming to watch the movie ♡

I’ve been thinking about this recently,
that when I speak on my own, without using a mic,
it sort of feels like I’m doing “MomoKatari” (^Θ^)

And for that,
everyone has always given me a warm welcome to help me relax,
and listens patiently to my stories.
It really makes me so happy, and I have so much fun! (*>∀<*)

And everyone's voices can reach me too ♪

Then, just as usual,
thanks for sending in so many message cards, letters, and presents to me ♡

But the number of days left to do this is slowly decreasing,
and it makes me slightly sad… (*_ _*)

Oh well! There'll always be concerts and stage shows ♪

Lots of chances to meet up again ☆

And through this blog too,
I'll always be able to reach out to everyone here— (*・Θ-*)