Posted on 2015-03-08 02:01:01

Everyone, thanks for all the comments (*T T*)

I’ve read about half of them,
and decided to come write an entry de-ariyasu (・Θ・)

I’ll make it quick
with a report of the meet-and-greet sessions from the past 2 days (*・Θ-*)

First, all of us
went to Sendai and Fukushima yesterday ♪

Thanks to everyone who came— (*^^*)

Oh! We also got to eat beef tongue de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

Then, today,
I went to Gunma and Saitama alone for 4 meet-and-greet sessions— ♪

Wow! For this nationwide pilgrimage,
I’ve conquered all of Tohoku, with the exception of Yamagata

It’s a rare chance, and because I wanted to conquer the whole of Tohoku

I called Shiori, who was doing the session at Yamagata

And we sang the Yamagata part together ♪

And with that,
I’ve successfully conquered all of Tohoku (^Θ^;)

Peace v(* ̄ー ̄*)v

After that ♪
I conquered the whole of Saitama too— v(^Θ^)v

All the Mononofu who welcomed me at the various venues
were all really so powerful ☆

With yesterday and today,
I’ve been fully recharged again de-ariyasu (*>∀∀<*)

Oh! Of course, I get to see it all during concerts as well

But the cinema just gives me a unique sense of closeness with everyone

I will treasure the rest of the meet-and-greet sessions to come
as I do my best to chat with everyone (*’-’*)

Oh! If only I can be more sociable
so that those who come to see me can enjoy themselves more…

But why…

No matter how I try,
I somehow always chat for too long…

Please excuse me ^^;

Well. I'll come back again,
and there are plans next week to show everyone a slightly different Nakanishi-san ( ̄ー ̄)
So those who are coming, look forward to that ♪

Then, thank you so much
to everyone at the cinema
with all their elaborate costumes and warm welcomes (*^^*)

And then and then, lastly~

Aarin (´∩ω∩`*) 
Congrats on your high school graduationnnnnnnnnnn— .:*:゜☆

Wow wow…
With her serious and sexy style,
it seems like Aarin’s graduated from high school a long time ago

But it’s somehow a little lonely
now that we won’t get to see the cute Aarin in her school uniform anymore…!!

But we’ll always be the weekend heroines— ♪

And we’ll keep the cosplays coming—! (* ̄ー ̄*)

So! It’s been a while,
but maybe I’ll listen to Mr.Children’s “I’ll be” before going to bed ♪


Note: Nakanishi-san is the character Momoka plays in “Maku ga Agaru”.