Posted on 2015-03-06 14:32:55

Yesterday was Momoiro Folk Village
which Aarin really really enjoyed

Has everyone watched it~?

Kikuchi Momoko-san appeared as a guest
and we performed “Sotsugyou” and “Seishun no ijiwaru” together.
She also congratulated Aarin on her graduation (^^)///

Aarin dressed up as Momoko-san during her debut times!

She was so happy to be able to sing together with her! 💓

And her son is the same age as Aarin too!!

So shocking (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Thank you so much!

Aarin wishes to grow into a wonderful woman like Kikuchi Momoko-san, who embraces everyone around her with her kind aura.

Yesterday was Aarin’s graduation special (。-∀-)

Graduation from high school is a path which all the other members have already taken,
and it’s been somehow mean~ since Aarin’s the only one who hasn’t gone through it yet

But… she didn’t expect herself to be all shy and hesitant during the shoot (laugh)

So she relied fully on everyone’s kindness 💓

And pretended it was a celebration \( ˆoˆ )/
So she ended up having lots of fun— (laugh)

Thank you so much!

This time,
Aarin dressed up in gakuran for Funaki Kazuo-san’s “Koukou sannensei”

In sailor uniform for Saitou Yuki-san’s “Sotsugyou”

AyaKanako (Double Shizuka-san)’s “Gekijou”

Then, she performed her new solo song “Sweet Eighteen Boogie” 🙆

Village chief and Shiorin also sang a graduation song for her
(But she was changing at that time so she only watched the replay at home! (laugh) )

Lastly, everyone sang
“Sangatsu kunichi” and “Kimi no ato” for her…
She was so touched (>_<) 💓

And really so happy 😌😌

She also received a wonderful bouquet from Kikuko after the broadcast 🌸
(Though she forgot to take a photo 💦)

To have everyone celebrating together like this
just made her heart so full of joy!

Thank you all so much.

To everyone
who sent in postcards and comments of congratulations!

And to everyone who celebrated Aarin and her teacher's special day together!

Thank you so much! (^^)

She's so glad she pulled through high school successfully——— (laugh)

She'll be heading to Sendai for a meet-and-greet today!!

And also for beef tongue… Fufu! (。-∀-)💕

Sasaki Ayaka