Posted on 2015-03-06 04:38:06


Yesterday’s Folk Village

Due to my nervousness,
the changes which had been made to the original schedule ended up causing so much chaos.

And to think that
the programme had gone all the way to plan a surprise birthday celebration for me

sorry that I had caused you to worry (*_ _*)

And to everyone who hurriedly sent in comments to give me courage

All the kindness of your casual words
Made me so happy I almost cried (*T T*)

Thank you for everything… ☆

By the way, I was truly shocked by the surprise,
and am really so happy… ♪

And I can’t stop smiling whenever I see the cake (*^^*)

Being able to celebrate at different venues like this every year
is really such a joyful thing,
and I truly feel so very grateful~ .:*:゜☆

Kikuko ♡ Band members ♡ Staff ♡
And all the members, thank you so much (*^^*)
(Aarin, congrats on graduating high school ♪ Sorry for not being able to celebrate that fully today ^^;)

And then, it’s a little late,
but here are the answers to the quiz I set a few days ago ♪

Thanks for sending in so many answers (*>∀<*)

I glanced through the comments,
and because I had given hints this time,
there were quite a few people who hit jackpot— ☆★☆

Oh! But there were quite a number who didn't manage to do so (・Θ・;;)

The answers are~

Mondai no aru restaurant
and OUROBOROS (*・Θ-*)

And so,
those who hit the jackpot ♪


It's been an eventful day,
but I'm fine de-ariyasu~ ♪ So…

Everyone, don't worry (^Θ^)