Posted on 2015-03-04 22:32:58

KISS-san ★ is the best—!!!!(*>∀<*)

Yesterday, at the dreamt-of venue Tokyo Dome,
I witnessed the best scenery (*^^*)

It was such a hot hot ho~t concert
where I experienced the roaring echo of hard rock up close ☆

The performance was also amazing,
with a unique presentation that only KISS-san could pull off (* *)

We were just so lucky to have had the chance to take part in such a precious concert,
even if it’s only for a tiny part at the end (*’-’*)

To the Mononofu-san who came to see us ☆ Thank you (*^^*)

That passionate stage which we tasted together
will always be our treasure ♪ So let’s treasure it ☆

And then, to KISS-san
who always treated us in such a precious way

But also respected us as fellow artistes

Thank you so much (*’-’*)

All the enjoyable times we spent together were really the best (*>∀<*)

I believe that we'll get to meet again someday… ☆

When that happens,
I'll have become a better lady
who is really suited to be carried bridal-style— (*・Θ-*)
So wait for that (laugh)

And the electric guitar and sticks.
I’ll always treasure them… with all my heart ☆

But rather than putting them on display
I want to hold them,
learn with them…

I’ll work hard
so that someday, I’ll be able
to perform music with either the guitar or drums! (*`・Θ・´*)

When that happens, I hope they’ll be ok with me sending them a video of that!!! (laugh)

Oh, but before that,
I’ll need to be able to speak English a little more ^^;

The answers to the drama question from the previous entry
will be revealed the next time… (*・Θ-*)