Posted on 2015-03-03 18:49:19

Ye—————s ♪
It’s the next day, which means it’s time for “Momo’s Festival” ← no link

And time for a breather de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

It’s ok if we talk about things
that aren’t Momoclo sometimes, right? (*^Θ^*)

And so,
let’s talk about some cool dramas I’m watching now ♪

So, what are they???!!

I’ve been recording episodes for the past few weeks,
so some of them have already finished airing

I have 3 drama series in total on hand now de-ariyasu (*・Θ・*)

Those who can guess all 3…
Are amazing!!! ☆


“Ghost writer” and “Kane no sensou”
are 2 shows which everyone keeps recommending and I’ve been meaning to watch,
but since there wasn’t time, I haven’t started on them at all! (T T)

And so, the 3 on hand right now excludes these 2— ♪

I guess that’s not really a hint (^^;)

I don’t think I’ll be able to keep track of everyone’s replies this time,
but if you happen to get it right, I’ll say “Bingo ☆★☆!”
and give you a high-five through the blog—! (*>∀<*)

I spelled "years" wrong in the last entry… Hmm?! Are there more errors…?
Sorry for always being so clumsy— ^^;

Bonus photo ☆