Posted on 2015-02-22 02:00:21

Folk Village aired two days ago! Did you watch it—?

I sang this song called “Thursday” with Izumi-senpai, but in truth, I used to hate Thursday (lol)
Why? Because during my elementary school days, it was the day when we had Physical Education and Math classes. What’s more, school lasted a whole 6 hours and worse of all, there were double English periods (lol)
It’s a personal grudge. (lol)
I explained it to Kikuchi-P, who laughed at me (lol)

I love Thursday now!

My own song request was Ootsuka Ai-san’s “Momo no hanabira”.
I first heard it when I was in elementary school, and it’s a song full of memories!
How did I do—?
I messed up on “Hidamari no uta”, but I’ll try again next time!

And then, we headed to Kagawa for the Sanuki Movie Festival yesterday!
Director Motohiro’s hometown! And we ate udon too~~
Yamagoe udon!
It was super delicious! ❤ ️

Then we had a concert! After the movie!
It was so hot~~ in our school uniforms.
It was hot, right? ((((;゚Д゚))))))) Eh?
But it was so much fun too—!
We chatted! With Motohiro-san and Udonno too!
It was so much funnnn!

Then, we had meet-and-greet today—!
It was a talk show with Oriza-san, Director Motohiro, Director Oobayashi, Fujimura-san and Udonno!
Director Oobayashi really healed our hearts!
Everyone was so nice—
I’m so glad to meet lots of people like this everyday ❤ ️
And I received lots of energy by meeting with Mononofu too!
Thank you so much \(^o^)/

Aiming for the Academy Awards!

We’ll work hard *\(^o^)/*
Let’s get it together!

I want to visit Kagawa again!
Everyone, thank you!
See you tomorrow!


Misa’s note: Udonno, or “udon brain” is Kagawa Prefecture’s mascot character. Yamagoe is an eatery famous for its udon.