Posted on 2015-02-18 21:52:42

Ahh— ahh— ahh—.
The excitement from the past 2 days has yet to die down, and I’m here to blog again
I even dreamed about doing meet-and-greets. (lol)

Those who could not make it for the meet-and-greets, are you feeling jealous?! I shall assume so! (lol)
So I’ll upload lots of photos for you guys—

But first, today!
We’ve somehow! Managed to do a collab with PInK HOUSE-san!
So mature with floral patterns! And the clover patterns just make the outfits so “Z”!
We had a press conference today—

Then, a dozing Takagi!
She was left alone in the backstage room during the break without the other members around, so she couldn’t help but doze and take the rare selfie!

And before I knew it, I’d totally fallen asleep (lol)
This period with all the pollen in the air is intense and tiring.
I heard that this year’s pollen is going to be bad, so take care!

So, Folk Village tomorrow!
I’ll work hard~