Posted on 2015-02-18 21:27:38

We visited Shinjuku’s Isetan first thing this morning
for the press conference for our collab ☆ with Pink House— ♪

Mama has been a big fan of this brand for years

And I’m sure all girls will definitely fall in love
with this chic and unique maiden feel.
Can’t get enough! (*>∀<*)

During the photoshoot,
we were really obedient
and pushed ourselves
to become a different Momoclo.
Basically, we handled ourselves like adults— (laugh)

The makeup style was very model-like too

It almost felt like we were in a dream, in a field of flowers.
It was a magical space

Oh! During the press conference today,
we had on a more natural style of makeup,
so it was another different feel ☆

These photos were taken during the photoshoot— (*・Θ-*)

How do you find maiden Momoka? (laugh)