Posted on 2015-02-17 22:09:22

“Maku ga Agaru”
meet-and-greet nationwide pilgrimage ☆

Today, I visited
Aeon Cinema Takasaki
TOHO Cinemas Ueda
and Nagano Grand Cinemas °.*\( ˆoˆ )/*.°

Three places in total~!

Of course,
meeting with everyone
during the meet-and-greet was amazing,
but watching the very first movie starring us
is another joy altogether ♡

With the hope that
lots more people
can watch Maku ga Agaru,
I’ll work hard~!

One thing I look forward to during this nationwide pilgrimage
is the local specialty foods ☆

Tori meshi in Gunma
Oyaki at Nagano

Ahh— It’s the best! ☻