Posted on 2015-02-17 22:20:56

After delicious sushi at Kanazawa yesterday, it was Let’s Go to Takaoka this morning!!!!
Takaoka is the birthplace of Fujiko F. Fujio-sensei, so I took this photo at the Doraemon path outside the train station!

Then, I had black ramen at this place called “Jigen” nearby! It was black, but it tasted like soy sauce! It was delicious! Takagi was really happy~ all morning.

I left an autograph at the restaurant too—!
Then I went to see the Takaoka Big Buddha, and bought the first volume of “Manga michi”!

I received lots of energy from everyone at the meet-and-greet, and did a Takaoka Clover Z too!
Thanks to everyone at Takaoka!

Then, we shifted to Fuji~!
It was my first time ☆ visiting Mt Fuji!
Takagi represented Fuji in Nippon Banzai, and it felt like “I’ve finally met you!”
Everyone at Fuji was amazing too!
While I couldn’t help but feel anxious about hosting the meet-and-greet on my own, I got to meet so many people, and hear their replies as I chatted with them. I was so happy because it really felt like I was chatting with friends!
I felt so encouraged!
Mononofu are really the strongest!
Thank you so much \(^o^)/

And I saw everyone on the rooftop of Fuji Airport waving! And I saw how everyone waited to send me off until the plane flew away!
I did my best to wave back, but did anyone see me?
I’ll definitely go again! Wait for me!
See you soon!