Posted on 2015-02-17 22:32:01

Today was Morioka and Akita ♪

All the other members are doing meet-and-greets at various locations too,
so lots of people all over the country
will have their curtains raised very soon! (*’-’*)

But there are still many people who haven’t had their curtains raised,
so I can’t give any spoilers (laugh)

We’ll continue to spread out
to help everyone enjoy the movie (* ̄ー ̄*)

So, I received another warm welcome today
from the Mononofu-san and locals
Ariyasu feels truly blessed de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

I’m so glad
to be together with everyone in a space where I didn’t need to use the mic ♪
Everyone felt so close,
and the mixed feelings of anxiety and calm
was a new experience for me (*’-’*)

From the autograph collection I received yesterday at Aomori,
to all the people at the different cinemas
with their amazingly detailed handmade gifts,
to the fact that they took their precious time to come.
Oh! And there were even some who came from far away, as if on a pilgrimage themselves.
Every little thing just made me feel like crying lots and lots of tears of gratitude de-ariyasu (*T T*)

Usually, it’s everyone who would come to see us,
so now I can go to everyone and see them instead.
It’s really the best happiness! (*>∀<*)

And I got to try lots of delicious food too

I just felt like
I could do this nationwide pilgrimage forever~ ♪ (laugh)

We’ll be stopping for a little while
but we’ll continue to visit more places soon,
so do wait in anticipation for us— (*・Θ-*)

Oh! Sanuki Movie Festival will take place on Friday, right? ♪

Kagawa Prefecture~ Wait for me— (*^○^*)

There’ll be LV too,
so it’ll be great if everyone all over the country can see it as well (*’-’*)

Folk Village will be airing
on TV the day after tomorrow too ♪

We’ll be appearing on lots of TV programmes next week,
so everyone~ do check out our website— ☆

Sebana— (*・Θ-*)


Misa’s note: “Sebana” means “goodbye” in Akita dialect.